Social Work



School Social Worker Responsibilities and Objectives

Goal: Outstanding Academic Achievement for ALL Scholars.

VISION: With an entrepreneurial spirit, the Pine Bluff School District will create a 21st 

century educational experience that will utilize rigorous interdisciplinary opportunities to 

prepare scholars to be leaders and innovators in an ever-changing global society.

MISSION: In partnership with teachers, parents, and community, the Pine Bluff School 

District will provide quality educational opportunities that will enable scholars to reach their 

maximum potential, graduating college and career ready.

School Social Worker Support-School social work services strengthen home, 

school and community partnerships. These services include the following in addition to other support as needed. 

A. Student and Family Support

Conducted Home Visits

Help provide support for the virtual students to insure success 

Homeless Family Assessments- Student, Family and School Needs 

Special Service Conference and transportation services to meetings for parent and

students in need of special services. 

Provided uniforms and supplies to students as needed

Provides school social work services to students who are at-risk for school failure and/or are demonstrating social/emotional/behavioral problems within the school setting. Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility: 

 Assists teachers and parents in developing and implementing behavior management plans to remediate problem behaviors. 

 Assists students to improve their academic, personal and social functioning. 

 Provides social skills, anger management, stress reduction or other similar instruction to students who are experiencing social/emotional/behavioral problems that interfere with their learning or the ability of others to learn. 

Provides short-term individual and group counseling to students who are experiencing social/emotional/behavioral problems that interfere with their learning or the ability of others to learn. Provides information to families and assists them in accessing long-term or intensive counseling services, as needed.

B. School Support

Counseling with students individually and groups due to needs

for backpacks, uniforms or disciplinary reasons.

Acted as contact person for students receiving outside counseling services.

Provided information and applications needed to help student

and families get additional services. Meetings with various providers with concerns

about students.

Provides direct and indirect school social work services as a related service in support of special education. Provides direct and indirect School Social Work services as specified in students’ IEPs. Works collaboratively with special education staff in designing and implementing social skills, anger management, stress reduction or other similar instruction as is appropriate to addressing students’ special education needs.  Assists school staff in developing and implementing interventions to allow students with disabilities to be successful within the mainstream. 

Provides information and assistance to families to help them understand their child’s educational disability and equip them with the tools necessary to support their child’s educational and/or behavioral progress. Provides parent training and support as needed.

 Provides information to parents regarding the referral/assessment process, special education services available within the district, and their rights relative to special education. 

Provides short-term individual or group counseling to assist students during transitions and other high-stress situations.

 Acts as a liaison between the home, school and community providers to access, mobilize and coordinate services. Tasks involved in fulfilling above duty/responsibility:

 Communicates with staff, administration and parents concerning students’ social, emotional and behavioral progress.

 Provides information to students and parents about services available within the community. Makes referrals to community providers, as appropriate. 

 Consults and collaborates with social services, mental health and other community providers.  Maintains an accurate record of student, parent and other contacts.

Provides crisis intervention services as needed.

Ability to deal effectively and appropriately with students, parents and other educational professionals regarding student concerns and problems. 

 Ability to communicate ideas clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing. 

 Ability to consult with school personnel in developing and implementing effective social and behavioral interventions for students.

  Ability to travel between and among school sites throughout the District and to students’ homes, as necessary.


C. Community Support

 Work with community partners such as the 4-H club, the Ministerial Alliance, What’s Next Pine Bluff, and Boys & Girls club of America to provide support for families and staff which creates unity and builds positive relationships throughout the community. 

 Give access to the district washer and dryer to support all students’ especially at-risk students, and low-income homes that may not have regular access to clean clothes and to halt drawing unwelcome attention and ridicule from classmates. 

Securing Food Bank funding and volunteers that will impact student success.

Working with staff and students to promote a season of giving campaigns to garner support for families within the district.